We all love maxi skirts for being so versatile and comfortable. Speaking about their versatility, you must be wondering how to wear maxi skirts.

When you decide to buy a maxi skirt:

–         the most easiest way it’s to choose one in only one color, maximum 2-3 colors in order to be easier to decide on the colors of the rest of your outfit

–         try on the skirt under good lighting so you won’t have unpleasant surprises later

–         walk in it before buying to see if you trip on it or not and check if it feels comfortable as it should

–         be careful that the streamlined styles are flattering, while the Bohemian styles can add weight. But, if you add a headband worn on your forehead or a pair of sunglasses, you will look very fashionable

–         you must have in mind your figure type before buying a maxi skirt because the texture of the fabric can affect the suitability of the skirt. Therefore, try on a lot of maxi skirts types before deciding on buying one in order to see which drapes best on you.

What shoes to wear with maxi skirts:

–         try the rugged style which look great with a long skirt

–         for a Bohemian style use beaded sandals

–         wear espadrilles for a casual or beach-like style

–         don’t use completely closed in flats, pointy toes, clogs, over the knee boots  and sneakers 

When to tuck in your top:

–         don’t tuck in the top if the skirt is tight around the waistband; a cropped top it’s more appropriate and comfortable too

–         tuck in a thin cashmere or other thin width sweater because it will look more elegant

–         if by tucking in you will make an unsightly bulge or disturb the flow of the skirt, then forget about it, let the top over the skirt or change it with another one

–         if you prefer to tuck in your tops, then layering can be a good choice since you can tuck in the T-shirt  and leave not tucked the other layers like jackets, cardigans and coats. An excellent idea it’s to leave the other layers unbuttoned so it will be easier to see the top of the skirt.

What tops to wear with maxi skirts:

–         it’s not mandatory for the texture of the top and skirt to be identical, but they must be complementary

–         the style of the top you will wear is determined by the fit of the fit of the skirt

–         use cropped tops because even though the top stops at your waist line, the skirt is still lengthening your body, especially if you wear them with high heels

–         if your top fits well, then looser skirts will look best

–         a nice idea are slouchy tops but you must be careful not to exaggerate with the slouchy thing. You may use a broad belt  to improve the final look

–         looser tops make a very nice contrast with skirts that fit tightly

What accessories to wear with maxi skirts

–         the whole look of the skirt can be changed by accessories so choose carefully your jewels, hats and bags 

–         slim long skirts look great with a large bag

–         if you’re wearing with your maxi skirt a well fitted top, then use a long necklace

Maxi skirts are sophisticated and beautiful, while practical by keeping you cool during the summer, but it’s very important how you create your outfit around them in order not to look outdated or religious.

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