The long knits or the long cardigans are outstanding pieces which are able to enlight your look every day. If you are in love with cozy layers then, such piece is more than perfect for you.

The cardigan has appeared in fashion quite discreetly, starting several seasons ago, so that nowadays it will become an article in the wardrobe of the stars and designers’ presentations.

No wonder he is the favorite of all. Cardigans can emphasize almost any outfit, represent the color of an outfit and are simply extremely easy to match to almost any style. Besides classical cardigans, a new cardigan “kind” makes Hollywood furriers: long cardigans. They have the same advantages as the waist, but it also offers you greater protection against low temperatures and a more interesting and chic look.

Casual clothing is perhaps the most popular when it comes to matching long cardigans. A pair of jeans, a top or a simple day dress come in a whole new light if they are matched with a long cardigan. Also, the cardigan is a perfect option for days when you are not sure how cold the weather is, because it is more versatile than a jacket and undoubtedly more comfortable than a dark sweater. Do not forget that if your clothing is in neutral tones, the cardigan can be in a strong, jolly color, but if your outfit is already multicolored, a simple cardigan in neutral color is the perfect choice.

The combination of a simple top, pants or short jeans and a cardigan on top is absolutely fabulous. The cardigan balances the outfit, which otherwise may have a slightly vulgar air and is also a “complement” of the look. If the stars usually choose casual outfits for an outfit like this, the Dolce & Gabbana fashion house proposes a more stylish outfit, suitable for a club night, consisting of shorts, simple cardigan and a gold top with sequins. No matter what combination you choose, you can be sure you look chic and sexy. Since the temperatures are rather low, do not forget to add a pair of tights or a thick, matt dress to your outfit.

The long cardigans are of course an almost indispensable clothing item for the outfit. If your workplace requires a stricter dress code, inspire yourself from the stylish outfit of stylist Rachel Zoe and choose an office dress, a matte dress and a long cardigan in a neutral shade but contrasting with your outfit. Instead, if any style is allowed at work, you can wear the cardigan with a pair of pants or jeans, a feminine blouse or a simple shirt. Corded cardigan accentuates your waist and gives you extra femininity.

Know that there are many outfits that the long cardigan completes. It fits equally to a city exit, to a pair of jeans and a shirt, at the same time it fits with a dress over which you wear the cardigan. Regardless of the length of the dress you choose, be sure any cardigan matches, even longer, even shorter. It is equally good to wear a cardigan and a classic combination, such as a black skirt and a white or blue shirt. On a black skirt with a blue shirt, a green emerald cardigan would fit, and a yellow one, as well as a gray one.

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