A fur vest, if worn correctly, can be the piece that completely transforms your outfit, bringing a chic French shade. Follow a few simple rules and you will enjoy the admiring looks of those around you. Yes, it is true that it takes courage to wear fur vests, but if you wear them correctly, you will reap all the glory in fashion.

Anyone who has said that “everything that is old becomes new at some point” has certainly been part of the fashion industry. Whether you choose a short or longer and elegant model, you can make your outfit a magazine one if you manage to match the fur vest well. Indeed, it is crucial to be creative and how to wear fur vest.

1. Simple
When you want to wear something not very sophisticated, but which is at the same time chic, you can go for a classic combination, but which combined with the head, will take you out of anonymity. Take a pair of simple jeans from the closet, a men’s shirt (father’s, friend’s) or a T-shirt, add a pair of riding boots (another trend of the season), don’t forget some cute accessories and a purse in the same trend .

2. Elegant
If you are tired of wearing a coat at the office every day, and the cold outside has given way, you can choose to wear an elegant, black or gray fur vest over the suit. You can also wear a vest with a pair of striped fabric pants, a briefcase / shirt and a jacket. Don’t forget shoes or boots with heels, jewelry and a clutch to match the rest of the outfit.

3. Casual
Less elegant, but still in the same terms, could be considered the combination of a fur vest (medium or short length), jeans and high heels, be they ankle boots or boots. If it’s still a day outfit, I lean towards ankle boots: they look not as pretentious as boots (depending on the material) and are also very practical. Under the vest you can wear blazers, thicker knitted blouses or briefcases. In terms of handbags, you can opt for a XXL one, not necessarily in combination with the rest of the outfit. it also depends on how far you are willing to go in choosing the host.

How To Wear Fur Vest
How To Wear Fur Vest
How To Wear Fur Vest
How To Wear Fur Vest
How To Wear Fur Vest

Artificial fur has returned this season in the preferences of fashion designers, designers and is very often seen in street fashion! In autumn, when we are not yet used to wearing thick coats, a fur vest worn over a jacket, a coat or a leather jacket turns our outfit into a warm and fashionable one at the same time!

Thinner arms – First of all, don’t be tempted to wear a fur vest under a jacket or coat. The beauty of such news is that your arms, hidden in a T-shirt or a blouse, will look thinner. Regardless of whether your arms are not thin and toned enough, wearing a fur vest will completely change their appearance.

Beware of petite people – If you are a petite person, highlight your legs when wearing a fur vest. Choose a vest up to the hip or at most a vest up to the upper thigh, so that the legs look longer. Most fur vests have a square cut, which can disadvantage petite people. If you are a minion, choose a fur vest that reaches to the hip or, at most, to the upper thigh, so that the leg looks longer. Also, tall women need to be aware of the volume of the vest. Most fur vests have a square cut that makes them look smaller and thicker.

Long or short fur? – Consider how long the fur is when choosing a vest. Do you want to wear a vest made of long and voluminous fur? Then choose carefully if you have a limited budget. Over time, these vests have become more and more luxurious, but the cheapest ones risk looking too extravagant, making you look improperly dressed.
On the other hand, a short fur vest may look more attractive. Don’t forget to make the choice according to your figure. A longer fur vest on a fuller person will create too much volume, making it look much too big.

Combo with fur vest

The fur vest fits well with jeans and a pair of boots, but can also be used in other combinations. You can wear it with a steamy dress, tights and boots, and so the vest will become the basic piece that will make the dress not too casual.
A fur vest will look chic with a maxi dress. And it can be worn with a pencil skirt. A maxi dress or skirt with boots and a fur vest can make you look like a Russian princess. When you combine the vest with a pencil skirt, keep the rest of the outfit simple and monochrome to create a more feminine vibe.

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