Sophisticated, interesting but also chic at the very same time, asymmetrical skirt is within the trends for some years now.
Known also as “high-low skirt”, the asymmetrical skirt is actually a skirt with a hem that is higher in the front or side, than in the back.

asymetrical skirt 2015

female asymetrical skirt 2015

short asymetrical skirt 2015

The asymmetrical skirt trend is relatively recent as it started in 2011 and since then is conquering more and more fashion addict women.
Within this article, I will try to offer you some guidelines that would be helpful if you have never tried this type of skirt before.
First, before you will start thinking with what you will wear the asymmetrical skirt, you must study it a little. It can have different sizes so keep in mind this aspect when you are thinking to buy one. What I meant to say is that you should try different lengths to see which one will suit you better. Or, if you would like, which one is more advantageous for your silhouette. If you have long, nicely shaped legs, you can try a mini asymmetrical skirt.

mini skirt asymetrical 2015

If you are a little chubby, you can choose a longer asymmetrical skirt and it will work into your benefit.
As with any other pieces of outfit, be careful when you choose it so it will perfectly fit your body otherwise you will look ridiculous.
In my opinion, the color has a very important role too, even more when we are talking about such a sophisticated piece of outfit. Therefore, according to the event and your silhouette, choose wisely the color of this type of skirt. For example, if you are very thin, it would be better to choose a skirt in a bright color and a little longer.

long asymetrical skirt

If you are very tall or chubbier, I recommend you to wear a skirt in a darker color.
What I love the most about the asymmetrical skirts is their versatility. Yes, this is the type of skirt that can be worn on various occasions, from a walk in the park to a casual meeting at the job (if the dress code allows it of course). Also, this type of skirt makes your life easier because it is very easy to match it with other clothes.

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