How to wear a checkered shirt

The checkered shirt it’s an excellent choice for a casual or smart casual outfit.

Checkered Buttons Long Sleeve Shirt Blouse for women
Jessica Alba, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus are huge fans of this piece of clothing for example since a checkered shirt is a very handy solution in many cases.
Who checkered shirt appeared
So, let’s see actually what’s with this checkered shirt and where did it came from.
A checkered shirt was first a uniform for American workers, but became a fashion piece of clothing thanks to Marc Jacobs and the grunge trend from the 90’s.
With what should we match the checkered shirt and how we should wear it?
A pair of jeans, eventually some skinny ones and over it you can wear a nice one color blazer.
If you want to be more elegant then you can match it with an elegant black skirt which can be long for example and with a wide belt.
Another way of wearing it it’s to have under a white basic undershirt, short jeans, plus a pair of junkie boots.
Here are some examples of checkered shirts:

The checkered shirt is a piece of clothing that shouldn’t miss from your wardrobe because such a shirt can be worn no matter the season in the fanciest combinations.

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