Fans of the bandanas consider them versatile enough to integrate into nearly any outfit, no matter your style. Well, that is a huge characteristic, let’s admit it. To resume it all in one, the best way to wear a bandana depends on where on your body you want to wear it.

Probably the most familiar way to wear such a scarf is the classic one, like a batik on the head and in the back. But you can wear it as well. If it’s square, you have to fold it in the form of a triangle, then run it and tie it just like the batik, back or why not, you can even in the top of your head.

Bandages express self-confidence and freedom of thought and action. These can be worn both in jeans and shirt or t-shirt, as well as in feminine dresses.

Here are 4 simple ways to get an interesting look with a bandana.

1. Tied around the head

A bang with interesting prints, placed on the forehead and attached to a knot behind the head, can give a retro and relaxed hue to any outfit.

2. Turban

The turban made from a colored bundle can be an excellent hair styling option, especially when you do not have much time for a neat hairstyle.

3. Retro-chic

For a retro-chic look similar to that of the 1950s, the bandana can be arranged at the base of the head and can be attached with a knot above the bang or forehead, so that the bands of the bandage form a small shoulder. This banding arrangement fits both for back-worn hair and for tails or crutches.

4. Detail in the hair caught in the queue

For a feminine look, even when your hair is trapped in a trivial horsetail, it attaches a bandana over the elastic.

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Add personality to all your outfits with a versatile piece: scarf bandana. In short, this type of scarf is square, made of cotton or silk, red or black and was strongly promoted in the 1990s by the Guns & Roses band. Surely you already know it very well and there are good chances to have one already forgotten through a drawer – it’s time to get it off the naphthalene and wear it.

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