Because a monochrome look is always too tense, I’ll give you a few tips to avoid having an allegiance air. Dare to make combinations! What are the colors that you can easily match and which ones you have to avoid in combinations.
Like in art, in fashion, there are two ways to associate colors. The base is the chromatic circle, but you must also keep in mind the contrast! The chromatic circle corresponds to the color gradient.

The primary colors are: blue, red, yellow.
The secondary colors are: green, orange and purple, resulting from the mixture of the three primary colors.

The contrast between colors is achieved by associating two opposite colors in the chromatic circle. But to do this, you need a little skill and vision! Otherwise, it’s a little risky!

Colors: basic rules
Here are some golden rules that you have to respect for a perfect outfit:
– White and black are not considered colors. They are little presented in pure nature. That’s why you can easily combine them with almost any other color!
– Gray, with a neutral tone, also goes with almost anything! Fashionista Willow Smith matches it with yellow and good looks, because it looks very good.
– Proportion your silhouette with colors: Generally, you can start from a dominant color, and besides, you can add others to accompany or highlight it!

– Avoid playing more than three different colors if you do not want to look like a clown! And here we do not just refer to clothes, but also to hair color or makeup.

Another important aspect is to feel very comfortable with all these combinations. It is not all to have a versatile combination and this is it. Try to feel good in your skin, so in translation try to feel great in your outfit combo. Be brave and confident.

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