Nowadays the fragrance is very important not only for women but for men as well. Making your fragrance last longer it’s a wonderful thing to do, isn’t it, because who likes to go every hour to the restroom to refresh their perfume?

Before we should discuss about the fragrance types you should use, you have to keep in mind a very important aspect: your skin has to be “prepared” before so the perfume could last longer.So let’s see how to make your fragrance last longer.

A very important rule concerning your skin is that it should never be dry. A very simple and handy solution is to use a body lotion to keep the skin moisturized. Also, it’s important that, after you shower, to always use some body oil and this is a mandatory rule, so just stick to it.

Another extremely important aspect in making your perfumes to last longer is where exactly to apply the fragrance. Yes, it is a very important aspect so keep in mind that it’s best to use it on the pulse points. These are where the veins are closer to the skin surface like: behind the ears, wrists, neck and yes, between your breasts. The idea is to find where the blood pumps closer to the skin.

The type of the fragrance you choose matters a lot. Of course it depends on the moment of the day or year (there is a day, an evening, a summer or a winter perfume) but even among those there are perfumes which last longer.

Choose with confidence mostly musk notes, woody and oriental scents. These tend to last much longer then, for example, citrus scent fragrances.

The weather (cold or hot) also influences the way they are sensed and how long a fragrance lasts.

Another tip to keep in mind is that you have to choose a more concentrated form of your favorite fragrance. For example, eau de perfumes last longer than eau de toilette.

Our constant readers know that the fragrance should be used according to the season. Well yes, you’ve guessed right, the season influences how long will last the perfume on our skin. This happens because the temperature affects a lot the durability of the perfume. The heat for example amplifies the scent of the fragrance while the cold weather will blur it. So have this in mind and choose your perfume according to the season.

In the end, I would like to give you a piece of advice: most of the time trust your instinct since it will guide you right if it’s a good perfume for you or not.

Preserve the potency of your fragrance by storing them in cool dark places.

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