We divide between events and everyday life, between jeans – shirt and black dress or, in extreme refuse any manifestation formalities and treat it with denim or mundane daily frieze with an over Gate. Hmm … We are preparing civilization in all its manifestations from learning first “hello” politely, so yes, we anticipate classical music concerts, theatre spectacles and plays all ordinances that education we impose – including clothing.

Is it your first time to the theatre? When you buy tickets for a theatrical production, it can be hard to decide what to wear. It seems like people are dressing more and more casual when they go out, but some events have remained a sense of class.

The easiest way is to scrape a minimal wardrobe of used black dress cocktail suit with black trousers or even a trouser brocade and taffeta used a skirt of organza, triple veil, jacket sequins, a pair of black shoes or beige, a spectacular jewel, envelope. Label social means not only decent clothes and pretentious, but chose not to raise an entire row during the performance, not to make noise, not to eat while actors are on the scene, not to applaud between the parties, but only when conductor turns to public to applaud long as the latter could get out and get into the concert hall at least twice a token of admiration for the work and talent and orchestra, not to take pictures with flash during the performance, to stop cell phone, do not talk in general to stop your daily struggle to get into the game and artistic acts.

The spectator is not a character out of the process that happens on stage is part of it, the concert, the song is a dialogue with a transmitter and receiver which communicate continuously through notes, words, gestures, clothing, applause, silence, noise gestures.

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best ways to dress for a theatre night

dress for theatre 2016

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