When you go out and decide to spend you night in a club you should have a proper look. The club is a place where people have fun with loud music and much darkness. It is important to consider these things to be able to choose clothes and accessories that works for you.

List of clothes that go anytime for a club night: shirt; vest; cloth or khaki pants; leather shoes, shoes or sneakers with shoelace; polo shirt; V collar blouse; sweater with buttons or zipper.

As you can see, the list is quite generous and contains clothes that you have right now in the closet. The secret lies in how they assorted.

This complicates things a bit, but not very hard. Here are some tips:

If you are fuller, darker colors go on to create the illusion that you are weak.

If you’re full, go to brighter colors or white, because they will see better in the dark club.

Make sure that your clothes come good on the body. Not too loose clothes will never communicate things about you.

A good haircut that comes will tell more than the clothes they wear. Being a special occasion, it is worth to invest some time (and money) in a proper haircut.

Go to accessories. Slim tie, watch, rings, bracelets – do not exaggerate.

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No matter your personal style it is important to feel comfortable, in order to be able to dance and to feel good. If you will dress in a an uncomfortable pieces you will not be able to enjoy properly the night.
Also keep in mind that also a comfortable pair of shoes has them importance. In this respect we recommend you a pair of casual shoes. They are looking great and also gives you the chance to be able to dance. Also after a night of standing up and dancing you will be able to be the same. Otherwise your back and your feet will be hurt.

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