How to dress when meeting with your future parents-in-law?

I’ve had the idea of writing this article after seeing an episode from the extraordinary comedy serial “Friends”. In the episode I’m talking about Phoebe goes to meet Mike’s parents. Obvious, the meeting with his parents was a disaster but that’s not important now. Important is how Phoebe thought she should dress. Because Mike’s parents were incredibly rich, she decided to dress accordingly, meaning highly elegant and very serious. As a result, Mike told her: “You’ve dressed like my mother does.”
OK, now coming back to our discussion, we have to learn from this episode the most important aspect of all: don’t leave your personality at home. Still, you don’t have to exaggerate, so adapt your personal style to the environment, to the occasion you dressed for.
You have to consider the season and the place where you will meet his parents, but basically I advise you to keep in mind the following tips:
– I know that you look very hot, but forget about the short skirts because it won’t do you any good
– Be careful to colors, don’t use the flashy ones
– Don’t use too much perfume and make sure your make-up it’s not for a night party
– Leave at home your fake eye-lashes, your future mother-in-law will want to look into your eyes while talking to you
Speaking about clothes, a pair of jeans, a blouse and a cardigan over it will be just perfect.

What it’s most important is to be yourself so don’t pretend to be someone else as Phoebe did… Well, good luck!

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