A style rooted in the past, which surprises by approach and originality, vintage style never goes away, it is always a fashionable style. Fashion retro clothing returns in force today and fascinates by refinement, quality and simplicity. And as you probably know sometimes simple is better.

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vintage style 2015 2016

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vintage clothes 2015 2016

The style and the vintage clothes are those related to the years 1920 – 1980 and the deadline is considered a euphemism for the name “old clothes”. Retro or vintage style refers generally to clothing that imitates a past era. Faithfully imitates the style and design history serves as an alternative for those who admire the old style, but prefer a more modern interpretation, and, unlike the original vintage clothes are available in many sizes and many colors and materials.

Further on, we give you a few tips to help you in your quest to dress vintage:

– Under any circumstances you should not dress from head to foot in the vintage style. It needs to be mixed, so that gives originality to your personality. You can combine the vintage clothing with everyday clothing pieces. For example, embroidered old school shirt combined with a pair of denim short jeans.
– Wear without fear leather jacket motor style.
– Also do not avoid animal print.
– A cape could also be a very good idea for a possible vintage style.

No matter which is the favorite combination for you, wear those clothes with trust, self confidence and style. It is important to love what you wear because if you do that everybody will be able to observe that. And this will have a great impact to your look.
Be confident and as I said above cherish your clothes, you must love your style. And because we talk about style, remember that if you love vintage style you should not forget about your personal style. Do not give up at your own style, try to mix up with other styles, you will be amazed of the results.

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