Not everyone has the body of a supermodel, but that does not mean that ladies can not resort to tricks to make them look better and thus increase their self-confidence. Combining several clothing items, some body feature you can turn a disadvantage into an advantage. Here is how you should dress, depending on your body shape so that you look thinner.

Here are interesting tips in order to look thinner :

– When the waist is not perfect, any blouse (too loose or too tight) puts you in an unfavorable light. The secret of a perfect look with a dress waist is imperfect. Opt for a dress and a dark-colored jacket or a dress with vertical seams. Whether wearing dress or jeans, jackets always get you out of the impasse that give the appearance of a harmonious silhouette. Choose tops with cut in the shape of A. Tunics can hide your tummy, but attention to size. In the wrong you risk even more plump look.

how to look thinner

– Wearing high heels because they will apply a few centimeters your height and will make you look skinny. Ideal is like to have color trousers or shoes repaired, if you want the legs seem longer. If you wear skirt or dress without tights, sandals and shoes nude, in a shade as close to your skin are a good fit. That’s not a rule supreme shoes can still sometimes splash of color to a neutral outfit.

2016 pumps

– Avoid pants with low waist. Here they will highlight imperfections and you will decrease morale and self confidence. Instead, skirts and pants with a high waist helps you look slimmer.

2016 high waist

– Black is always in trend, this magic color can make you look weak in almost any situation. However, do not believe that if you wear black clothes extra pounds will disappear like magic: texture, tone black clothing style and choice are equally important.

2016 little black dress

– Opt for maxi skirts, opaque tights, trousers or jeans straight. Avoid shorts that will draw attention to the lower half of the body.

2016 maxi skirt

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