We all crave a trip to the mountains. Who does not want relaxation, fresh air and relaxation, lots of relaxation. One of the basic things you need to know everyone before leaving on a trip in the first place is that it is advisable to know how to dress and how to get shod. clothing and shoes have a much greater importance than we thought and that good equipment can help you to really enjoy the trip, to avoid more accidents or even save your life.

When it comes to keeping heat, air is the best insulator. So the basic principle is that a garment to incorporate as much air between the clothes we wear to be “air pockets” as generous. So you are sure that a large percentage as your body heat is retained.

It’s good to know that moisture and perspiration increases about 25 times the heat transfer between the body, clothing and environment, so you want to be on as dry as possible while driving.

The most popular is called Gore-Tex material is a synthetic material great for winter. Gore-Tex is a Teflon porous membrane based on that is attached to a fabric. What is so special is the membrane that is about 1.4 billion holes per cm 2, each of which has a diameter which is 20,000 times less than the water molecule, but 700-fold higher than the water vapor.

Footwear is very important because a well chosen boots can help you handle rugged terrain smoothly or get wet and certainly without calluses or twists to your destination.

When you are dealing with climbing routes, all season waterproof boots are recommended to use as light. Also, the size is recommended to be a half number, or a number higher than that you wear, in order to allow free movement of the foot and, at the same time to keep securely attached.

If you go to the mountains in summer, then your task is easier in the sense that only boots you keep them, otherwise you can address a casual outfit. Checkered shirt and jeans shorts are the building blocks for an outfit comfortable and trendy mountain.

A trip to the mountain is a joyous occasion so try to feel comfortable, no matter what outfit you choose.

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