A date is for any woman a very special event. This happens also because you never know if the man you are dating is going to be the man with whom you will spend the rest of your life. Therefore, you tend to pay extra attention to your outfit.
Of course, rules and principles are many, maybe too many actually, but today I will focus only on some guidelines that I hope you will find useful.

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First of all, the outfit you choose should reflect your personality, to define you. Also, keep in mind where you are going. According to that, you will adapt your outfit. For example, one thing is to go for a walk in the park and other is to go to a dinner in a fancy restaurant.
Don’t forget that you also have to feel comfy because it’s not a smart option to feel uncomfortable just for the sake of looking good.
Ideal would be to know your partner and his preferences, his personality. This way you can adapt your outfit and won’t risk to go to the date dressed in a gown while he is dressed with jeans and a T-shirt. Also, if he is a quiet, studious man, you can’t go to the date dressed in flashy, neon colors.
Very important is also your footwear. It is OK to be elegant. You can wear for example a pair of stiletto if the environment demands it. However, be aware that you should still feel comfortable while wearing them. And maybe even more important is to have worn before such a pair.
Adapt your outfit to the situation, be creative and definitely you won’t have nothing but benefits from that.

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Basically, try to be relaxed and to wear a decent outfit that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

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