How to dress in winter and still be elegant

Winter is in general a difficult season for a real fashion girl. I’ve said difficult but not impossible to handle it.
During the winter you have to protect very well from the low temperatures and there are some important elements which you have to keep in mind dressing with thick clothes but at the same time elegant.
One major aspect is that you should wear long clothes which should cover your back. You wear for nothing 5 layers of clothes if all of them are short. You can wear a long sweater, a cardigan or even a long jacket to follow this rule.
Another excellent idea it’s to wear sweater-dresses because they are extremely warm and chic. They can be matched with various outfits: for example you can wear one with a short jacket over it and you will look very cool and trendy.
If outside it’s being slush or snow, wear some high heels and don’t give them up unless it’s necessary since we all know it’s not safe to walk on ice with them.

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