How to dress in winter and be sexy?

Once with the cold season, it’s time to see how we will dress in order to protect ourselves from cold and to remain sexy in the same time. Yes, you’ve read it right; I’ve used the word “sexy” because during the winter we tend not to pay too much attention to this aspect. The truth is that, in the cold winter mornings, the last thing you can think of it’s to search your closet for something sexy.

Don’t share the same mood with the weather; on the contrary, try to see life as if you would have in the middle of the summer and enjoying the sun. Still, the question remains: how should I do that? How should I be sexy and still protect myself from cold? Well, you could try the method of multiple layers. Therefore if you like a lot one sexy dress, just wear it and put a cardigan over it so you will be sexy and warm in the same time. Actually, the cardigan it’s a key element during this winter. Long or short, in one color or colorful, they can save anytime an outfit.

You can match cardigans with:
– Skirts: if you feel comfortable wearing them during the winter, a cardigan will complete them perfectly
– Dresses: like I’ve said before, if you have a hot dress in your wardrobe, just wear it
– Jeans: yes, with jeans almost everything goes well
– Tights: definitely an option
But we should move on with the idea of dressing sexy during the winter. It is a hard task, but in the end a pleasant one.
Thick jackets and coats are a must. To make them even hotter, try some coats more colorful and tighter to your body. Don’t forget about the accessories because they complete any outfit, even more a winter one. Mufflers, belts, large jewels or a big handbag, you have to take each one into consideration.
In the end, I would like to remind you about 2×2 sweaters. They are very chic, highly fashionable and despite the general opinion, they make you look hot. If you have a waist like Elizabeth Taylor’s then a thin belt will perfectly highlight it.
There are my tips for you to look sexy this winter, the rest it’s up to you!

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