Not all women have been endowed by nature with a top model height. Nevertheless, petite women are very attractive if they know how to highlight their strengths. If you love your body and want to take advantage of the most chic tendencies, the present article will give you some guidelines. Of course all the advices should be treated accordingly to your personal situation.

Wear very high heels

high heels 2015

This is a safe rule that everyone knows. Now it is even easier to follow, since the market is full of shoes and boots with hidden double platforms. It is the fastest and the most effective method by which you add more inches to your height, and hide the fact that your feet are not so lengthy as you would wish.

Wear vertical stripes

vertical dress 2015

Another rule that I’m sure everyone knows are the stripes, which not only elongate but are also tapering your silhouette. . The principle is quite simple, any interruption narrows color and vertical stripes are interrupted vertically – so narrow silhouette. Also, the color continuous vertical form a unit elongation.

Wear V necklines

dress and necklace 2015

On the same principle with vertical stripes, and cleavage clothes V necklines dress choose to be vertically to elongate the neck. The same principle applies to accessories: earrings, scarves long vertical bows, everything can elongate your silhouette. Beware of necklaces that strangle your neck, do not completely wrap the scarves around your neck, and let their heads hang.

What else should you know if you are under 60 inches :

– It is recommended to avoid huge bags
– Put on some monochromatic clothes
Skinny jeans are a great alternative because they elongate your legs
– Always wear clothes that fits you perfectly, neither too large nor too tight
– Avoid tops that reach the hips and clothes with horizontal stripes
– Avoid wearing combinations of prints and ruffles
– Wear only one accessory obviously – a statement belt a necklace or any other jewelry.

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