How to dress if you are a short man

A while ago I’ve talked about how should short women dress , but today it’s men’s turn to find out how to dress elegant and sexy even if they aren’t the tallest people on earth.
Yes, I’ve said it right: elegant and sexy at the same time because believe it or not, it can be done.

A suit is always sexy and yes, obvious, it gives you a very elegant touch.

Also, colors are very important too. It is commonly preferred a single color for your suit and I’m thinking about black as a very convenient color because you can match anything with it. Speaking of color to attention in this regard. I mean, yes, dark colors help but not to excess. More specifically you can wear in the lower body with a dark color – a pair of trousers and black or brown in the upper body, and in the top of the body use a color – white shirt or white with a little black.

But still, if you rather enjoy a casual outfit and hate suits, you can always count on a pair of classic jeans and a jacket.

Another extremely important to keep in mind is the shirt. Yes ordinary shirt. To benefit more you should choose vertical stripes.

Dressed in clothes that are appropriate measures for you. If not, whether they are larger or smaller will be a greatly disadvantage for you.

My general advice is the same as for the ladies: always be natural, be true to yourself and that will worth more than a million perfect outfits.

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