How to dress if I’m short?

Not everybody was born tall so even if you’re under 63 inches doesn’t mean that you can’t be elegant and attractive.
From the clothes colors to their style, to the way you match them and to the way you wear them, there are a lot of ways and tricks which can help you look taller.
I don’t pretend to know every way or every advantageous outfit for you if you’re short but I’ll summarize for you 5 tips which I believe you will find useful:
1. High heels – always wear them even if you like them or you aren’t practically forced to wear them. If you still can’t stand high heels at all, then try wearing some platforms.
2. One single color – well yes, try wearing outfits in only one color and you’ll realize they actually help
3. Vertical stripes – this is an excellent way to lengthen your silhouette because they create an optical illusion and people will “see” you taller than you really are
4. Wear high waist jeans – they will help you a lot even more if they are skinny
5. Avoid: Mary Jane shoes, XXL bags, long dresses and oversized accessories

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