How to dress if I work in front-office

If you have a job that involves working with clients, a front-office job, then you will surely be careful with your outfits. Many times, the companies impose a special dress-code so all you have to do is to obey it. This article refers to the situation in which you have every morning the following dilemma: “what should I wear today at work?” And for everything to be even harder, you work in the front-office so your outfit can’t be random, but, on the contrary, it has to be an office style. This reduces a lot your options and imposes some specific clothes from which you can’t separate.
Therefore, you have to keep in mind the following:
– No jeans – yes, unfortunately, if you work in sales, banking, at city hall or directly with clients, you have to forget about wearing jeans at work
– Shirts – yes, a lot of shirts since they represent elegance. So make a large stock of shirts because you will use them a lot, but be careful, no flashy colors like pink, orange, turquoise
– Blazer – this piece of clothing will become probably your best friend because it’s indispensable to your job outfit. The blazer it’s practical and gives a note of elegance to your entire outfit
– Elegant shoes with low heels – remember that you can’t reveal your toes no matter how hot should be outside

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