How to dress if I am chubby?

Not everybody is lucky enough to have super model sizes. The way you dress and accessorize will influence your look if you’ll accentuate or on the contrary minimize your weight. And if I’ve mentioned about the accessories I have to tell you that big accessories can help you. Therefore keep in mind a very important aspect: wear big accessories like large watches, big earrings and XXL bags.
Always choose puffed sleeves blouses which follow the body line.
Cone-shaped skirts in dark colors have to become a must-have for you. Yes, black will give you many benefits but be careful and don’t exaggerate! Sometimes even pastel colors can help you look thinner, but you should know how to use them. A way would be to choose an outfit which will have pretty much one color like brown or cream-colored.
Don’t wear tight clothes at all, never, ever and under no circumstance because you risk drawing the attention exactly on your weight problem zones.
Don’t forget that it’s very important to think positive, focus on your advantages which I’m sure you have like: your eyes, smile, waist and legs, anything you think it’s beautiful on you and highlight those.

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