Summer does not mean vacation altogether, so we do not want to, we need to get to the office. But what can we change? Obviously, the business outfit, which can be much lighter, lighter and relaxed, but without exceeding certain limits of elegance.

The office outfit should be elegant, comfortable, according to the office wardrobe policy. And, maybe more important than all, it’s important to feel very comfortable wearing it.

No matter how much mercury climbs in thermometers, light gowns and diaphanous materials will give you all the comfort you need, and you can focus on things really important in your career.

When the temperatures are very high, the task of choosing your office wardrobe seems to be a very difficult one. Especially if you have a stylish dress code. Here are some ideas to help you get an office like this:

Bodycon dresses

We have to admit that this kind of dresses looks great, they are extremely stylish, they give you a fresh look, they are stylish and if they are well chosen they can be very hot. (Although this last quality is not always very desirable at the office … or … maybe it is …)

The sleek, rosary office dress captures elegance and refinement. Thanks to the tapered crown, it shows your body. For added elegance, it can be matched with a thin belt at the waist.

An office dress must be stylish, practical and convenient to move freely without feeling uncomfortable. Among the most appreciated office dresses are certainly sleeveless. Their advantage is that they can be worn by both the higher and the minions.

2018 office dress

2017-2018 bodycon dress

Gathered skirt

Suitable for walking or events, dresses and cloth skirts are a good choice for work as well. Just be careful to choose more serious colors with simpler prints.

skirt 2018

Office dresses in linen or cotton

The satin cotton dress is an optimal choice for a hot day at the office. Her elegance and innovative design express femininity and tenderness. In addition, the material is cool and light, making it an excellent choice when temperatures increase.

2018 linen dress

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