The warm season is for most women the most expected and “comfortable” if I can say so. This happens because we all love the sun and because summer gives each of us the possibility to show off our outfits and our silhouette, very fit and kept that way with long hard work at the gym. Also, you can say it is “comfortable” because you don’t need anymore multiple layers or outerwear.
If you are working in an office, in a business environment anyway, your freedom when it comes to your outfit will definitely be a little limited. Yes, I am saying that because you will have to follow the employer’s dress code. Most probably, that will mean to dress in a suit on a daily basis, maybe except on Fridays.
If that’s the case for you, then I will advise you to bear in mind three important aspects:

– be careful with your skirt length (not very short but also not too long either), knee length is the limit
– avoid flashy, neon colors (red, pink, bright green, orange)
– be careful to the accessories and don’t exaggerate with extra large ones

office suit for women 2015

ladies office suit 2015-2016

womens office suit 2015

office suit for ladies 2015

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