When whether allows an extremely relaxing activity is to go to a concert of a band which you loved. A concert is the perfect opportunity to express your personality, to enjoy life and your free time by playing your favorite songs and to dance alongside your dear friends.

One option would be to judge things by type band in concert that you go – what kind of music?
You go to a rock concert? Then compose an outfit in which to insert a T-shirt / black vest or T-shirt with the band name, a dark pair of jeans or leather pants, a leather jacket (biker type), boots. As accessories, opt for a necklace with a pendant in the shape of guitar, leather bracelets.
You go to a pop concert? A bold colored shirt, a mini skirt or a pair of jeans, add a pair of ballet flats or colorful sneakers and you would look spectacular!
You go to a folk concert? A maxi skirt or a pair of flared jeans, Greek sandals you would turn into a folk-fashionable appearance. A floral print maxi dress with a bohemian headband forehead and a pair of sandals or ballet flats would have the same sensational effect.

concerts outfit

I have some advice, DO’s and DON’Ts, The which if you respect it, you will be successful.

DO’s in concert outfit

Concert attire must have two main features – to be super comfortable and trendy. Starting from this premise, you can confidently choose your pants or a long skirt. Jeans shorts are cool and can be combined with a lot clothes – from casual tops, blouses, oversized T-shirts etc. to shirts.
Regarding footwear, opt for your favorite sandals, sneakers or running shoes (they are very comfortable and I personally prefer them to a concert).

DON’Ts in concert outfit

I’ll start with heels that do not really make sense to a concert when you’re supposed to go to dance … also you will have to stand up a lot of time so…stay with comfortable shoes (running shoes seems a great option). Avoid also silk skirt, because are not very comfy for such an activity.

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