How to dress during the winter to look thinner?

No matter how careful you will be with your look, winter might confuse you. I’m talking about the fact that, wishing to be protected from cold, you can choose some outfits which will actually make you look fat.
Here are some tips which I hope will help you to dress so your clothes won’t alter your silhouette, but on the contrary to make you will look thinner:
– Wear only clothes that fits you perfect since it’s not true what usually people think that if you wear clothes with one-two size bigger you will hide your weight, on the contrary
– Wear thin fabrics that keeps you warm as cashmere for example
– Try to wear this winter darker colors like black, brown, dark blue because they will make you look thinner
– Wear high heels even if it’s winter, at least 2.5 inches will do the trick

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