How to Dress During Spring 2016

Everybody is anxiously waiting for spring to come, even more if we are talking about women, of course. I’m saying this because they are the most fashion passionate and can hardly wait the weather to be fine enough so they could dress according to the latest trends.
Unfortunately, sometimes during spring there are a lot of changes of temperature so you should better try to dress in layers. Always bring with you a sweater or a cardigan. You never know when you might need one.

2016-2017 cardigan

best spring cardigan 2015-2016

Usually, try to choose light fabrics (like linen, hemp or chiffon). Floral pattern seem to never go out of style, especially during the spring so you should benefit the most from it.

best floral dress 2015-2016

best floral dress 2016-2017

You may also try a maxi dress but only if the weather allows it, of course. They are very comfortable, romantic and sensual if you know how to wear them.

2016-2017 best maxi dress

best maxi dress 2016-2017

The maxi dress is in addition very versatile and allows you to accomplish some amazing outfit combos.
The spring is a wonderful season therefore you should be creative, full of life and you will be able to benefit the most of this great season.

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