How to dress at a date in spring

First date is very special and, as a woman, you want to make an excellent impression. Therefore, it’s important to choose what style you’ll have: sexy, maybe conservative or moderate?
Generally, the smartest solution is to choose the middle way but of course that depends as well on what impression you want to make.

Also, it matters a lot where you’re going to have the date. If the guy invites you to an elegant restaurant it’s obvious that you won’t be able to go wearing some jeans. Instead, a little black dress or a maxi skirt and a blazer seem to be the perfect solution.
If you will have the date outdoors or at a bar then you could wear a casual outfit.
About what perfume you should wear at a first date we’ve already discussed so here are some aspects to have in mind which I would like to stress out for you:
– Be careful at his height – if he’s short or you have the same height then you should avoid high heels
– Accessories are a very good option but be careful not to exaggerate
– Most men prefer women with a discreet make-up so don’t use too much

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