How to dress and what attitude you should have over 50’s

After they get over 50’s, a lot of women feel that things will never be the same again so many of them get into a major depression which shows also in their dressing behavior.
I believe that even after reaching 50 years old, a woman has to maintain her femininity and be very careful with her wardrobe. Obvious she has to be careful not to exaggerate, to be decent, but, as I’ve said before, to don’t lose her femininity.
Coco Chanel was saying: “A woman has the age she deserves”. If you have pasted your 50’s it doesn’t mean that you have to dress depressive, only in black and grey just because the majority of your friends and relatives are doing that. Try to maintain a classic style, but stylish with simple cuts but in trends. Obviously this doesn’t mean that you have to exaggerate so don’t dress like your daughter with a pair of jeans and a short skirt because, yes, this would be a huge mistake and you will look ridiculous. Also large clothes don’t do you any good.
You can still be in trends by creating yourself a classic and decent style.

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