Cold season isn’t just about holidays and lots of clothes , in this time of year, believe it or not , our eyes are under pressure. Our eyes are assaulted by the intense light reflected by the snow and also by the cold and dry air.

To enjoy a beautiful winter with our loved ones we have to start learning how to protect properly our eyes.


You must remember one very important aspect. Namely that the glasses winter is not a fad. It is in fact a necessity, especially for those with sensitive eyes, snow reflection can be even more dangerous than the sun. So if you see the street people sunglasses in the dead of winter try not to blame them or make fun of them, may or eye problems or be careful and protective of their eyes. It is better to prevent than to treat so, besides the fact that you can be chic and can be preventive.

Protecting our eyes means first of all choosing the right sunglasses. What we have to keep in mind is:

– along with the aesthetic aspect , sunglasses must have a sufficient solar protection in order to block ultraviolet light for at least 99%
– the absorption degree of sun light must be around 4
– it matters a lot the quality of the lens but also the color: brown ones are recommended to myope (short sighted persons) and grey ones to people with long-sightedness, while yellow ones are for driving during the night.

Did you know that?-It is estimated that Elton John, the famous singer, has a collection of over 1,000 pairs of sunglasses;
-Most expensive sunglasses ever sold on eBay are wearing a pair of Elvis Presley at Madison Square Garden, the auction is completed the amount of $ 250,000;
-Sunglasses is an industry of $ 34 million annually;
-A pair of glasses is lost or broken  once every 14 seconds;
-The first pair of sunglasses was sold by Sam Foster of Foster Grants Company on Atlantic City Boardwalk in 1929;
-The most popular company sunglasses, Ray-Ban, which only sold 10 million pairs in 1998, began by making sunglasses aviators in World War II

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