To have an unbeatable style, you should not put emphasis on clothing, but also accessories. Therefore you must be very careful when you choose, especially when it comes to jewelry.

They need to fit both your style and physique. Sizes, shapes and materials they are made are chosen carefully, depending on the shape of the face, neck, fingers, and depending on how you’ve arranged hair, and of course the occasion.

To choose the right jewelry, depending on the features that you have, and the opportunities that they wear it is important to be very inspired.

2016 necklace

best necklace

For example necklace draw attention to the neck and décolleté. A length and good shape I can make a longer neck and you can highlight the bust.

V collars are recommended for people with round faces, and oval or round collars persons triangular face.

The earrings are ideal for illuminating image and to distract from certain defects of the face you want to hide.

2016 best earring

earrings 2016

Women who have round faces should avoid wearing earrings of the same shape. It also should not wear earrings bulky or large stones.

Ladies who has a triangle face shape or square face should wear larger models to offset the face shape.

Like the clothes, it is important to choose the right size for the jewelry. If the size of the ring finger is already known, it is very important and the size of the ring itself. Sometimes stones are lost precisely because they are too heavy for their supportive device.

The rings must be proportional to the length of the phalanges and thicker than a finger, to stand out. The happiest women will be safe as long-fingered rings can wear big bulky.

Chains or necklaces should wear something longer just women who have a round face and short neck.

Long necklace brings a look vertically. It is ideal for those with broad shoulders and a small bust. Women who want to hide their belly should not wear a long necklace, it will draw attention to this area.

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