How to choose the right perfume?

Choosing the right perfume it’s no doubt a very difficult task.

No matter if we are speaking about the evening fragrance, the perfume you want to use when going to the office or the new fragrance for next summer, it isn’t an easy job to choose one and requires a lot of aspects to be taken into consideration before buying it.
Definitely, you have to choose the perfume depending on a lot of factors which in the end are contributing to the final decision: where you will wear it, the season and of course your preferences.
When you try a fragrance in the store, use it on the wrist or behind your ears and wait until you get home to see how much it lasts and, more important, if its aroma changes in time. This can happen because a perfume has basic notes, medium notes and final notes. Another very important aspect it’s that the same smell can be different on two people because we have different organisms, genes and different pH balance of skin.
I advise you that, during the winter, it will be best to choose a warmer note, even a spicy one will do.
If you want a day fragrance, you definitely have to choose a more subtle perfume, less intense, because for an evening fragrance you will need a stronger one.

Did you know that?
According to the latest studies, around 95% of women and 75% of men use every day at least one time, a perfume.

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