If some time ago I offered some tips for choosing perfume for ladies today it is time for gentlemens.

The main flavors are Floral, Soft Floral, Floral Oriental, Oriental, Soft Oriental, Oriental Lemons, Muscle tree, dry wood, citrus, green and water, Fougere center. Although male fragrances facilitate all categories, they occur mainly in Fougere, Oriental wood, wood with moss (tree), dry wood and citrus.

Some general tips which help you  choose the right cologne would be:

– Choosing fragrance depends on how old are you – if you have 60 for sure you will not use the same perfume as you do at 20 years.
– Do not give large amounts of perfume on you. Aroma fragrance must feel just the person next to you. Women want to smell you’re not brand perfume
– Do not buy perfume as best smells in the store, the smell is important at several times after you tried going to the store take a sample to sample and after a few hours you will feel the smell
– Do not give the perfume on your clothes, NEVER!

The difference between pure perfume, eau de perfume, eau de toilette and eau de cologne is essential Oil, concentration in composition. This means that those who have a higher concentration of essential oils will smell stronger, will last longer and of course will cost more.

It is advisable to test the perfume in the morning when the sense of smell is not yet saturated. When you’re in store for perfumes, choose your favorite fragrance and try it first on a strip of cardboard, available in store. If you have other preferences try them on other pieces of cardboard so as not to create confusion between perfumes.

To make sure that you choose the best perfume, take with you a coffee bean. Smell the coffee beans after you smelled a strip of cardboard. Flavor of the coffee bean has the effect of eliminating smell perfume previously tested.
Structure is pyramidal smell a perfume with a top, a middle and a base.

Smells strip of cardboard to get the first impression of the perfume smell. This is the first fragrance (numata and peak).

Wait 10 to 15 minutes, and smells like cardboard strip again. Now you smell the aroma of the second (middle) dominating the first flavor.

The next step is to wait between 45 and 60 minutes to smell the piece of cardboard again. It is the last flavor (base), the Sustainable flavor that will keep for three to four hours.


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