How to choose the perfect clothes for an apple-shaped woman

Well yes, you are a little chubby at your torso and your shoulders might be a little large, but… so what? Men also love this kind of silhouette and not everybody can have perfect shapes.
So, let’s see, for the beginning, what kind of pants you should wear?
The old classic jeans never fail and yes, I know that you are relieved to hear that. Apple shapes are very well known for their slim legs and hips so you may wear every kind of jeans, so you should be happy…

Are dresses OK? Oh, yes, you should definitely let men drooling a little after you when wearing a “hot” dress. But, be careful to downplay the midsection and shoulders while accentuating your beautiful legs. Pretty natural, isn’t it? Don’t forget about highlighting your hips also.
And of course remember about the high heels, apple shaped women benefit a lot by wearing high heels.

In the end, don’t forget what I’m always telling you: be yourself, be natural and you will shine.

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