The blazer is an extremely important and versatile piece of outfit for a man. Of course, depending on the shape of your body, you should have in mind some aspects when it comes to wearing one.

If you are a short man
In this case, obviously you should choose a blazer that will create the illusion that you are taller. And here we are talking about the blazers in one or two buttons with lapels in V-shape. Be careful that they are recommended to have lateral slits.
v shape blazer for men 2015-2016

If you are a tall man
This type of men is much advantaged by the blazers with two or three buttons in only one row. The wide lapels are highly recommended.
three buttons blazer for men 2015-2016

If you are a solid man
In this case it is recommended a blazer that will minimize your weight and to elongate your silhouette. The best choice for you is represented by the blazers with one single slit. You can also wear blazers with two rows of buttons.
robust men blazer 2015-2016

The blazers are extremely versatile pieces that can successfully complete almost any outfit. For sure any man who respects himself and likes to be trendy should know what model of blazer to wear and how to match it with other pieces of outfit. Indeed, except the circumstances when you are wearing it is also important to buy the rest of your outfit having in mind how your body looks like. It is good that you can hide with it the eventual imperfections and emphasize your physical strengths.
A blazer, as I have already said above can perfectly complete an outfit therefore you should give it the appropriate attention.

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