A job interview can be defining for your future life as it can influence your career, your life, your style and the way you’ll be living further on. Therefore you should give the best and show up flawless. So, the way you decide to dress is extremely important as it’s actually your business card. Be very careful to your outfit because you aren’t going to a walk in the park , a picnic or at the mountains.
Of course you should pay extra attention to every aspects of your outfit. What you will wear has to be adequate to the environment you will work (or at least you are hoping to work) and to show the interviewer that you are committed and serious.
For the most of the interviews a business suit can be the ideal solution.

Here are some aspects which you must know when you are building your outfit for an interview:
– Avoid miniskirts as the skirt must always get over your knees because you’re not at a date or in the club
– Don’t wear sneakers and never, but never don’t go with a sport pair of shoes to an interview
– Sandals are not allowed too; actually the dress code is following the common sense since to an interview the shoes must cover your toes
In the end, to the job interview wear something decent which will make you feel comfortable and most of all which will give you confidence.

If you are not sure on the company’s dress code, then wear a business suit since it’s better to be office orientated than too casual.

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