If you consider your height unsatisfying you should know you are not the only one in the world preoccupied by this aspect. There are many women extremely attractive but with a height below medium standards. (Kim Kardashian in our days and Marilyn Monroe in the past for example). If you are still very preoccupied by this thing you should know there are some solutions with the help of clothes.

Before we should discuss about parts of your outfit which could help you in this matter think that if you had 70 inches you could have much less men compatible to you… not OK isn’t it?
But let’s go back talking about your outfit. Here’s what I’m thinking about :

Stripes – yes stripes must be your friends, but only vertical ones, because they will make you look taller , plus they will help you also look thinner

high heels – are a must, but you have to be careful, not every high heel is good : over the knee boots have to be avoided because you will look ridiculous

never wear capri because they will greatly disadvantage your look
– stay away from shorts, but if you want to show off your legs better choose a skirt …it is much much better…

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