How should I dress when I go out for a walk?

When you go out for a walk, no matter if you are going with your boyfriend (husband) or with your friends, it has to be a moment of maximum relaxation. Going out in the park mostly or in the worst case scenario through some quiet streets is equivalent with moments of tranquility, doubled by making a little exercise. What could you wish for more, right?
And because we were talking about taking a walk, let’s see what your footwear should look like. Yes, what shoes you wear is important because you will walk a lot and is essential to feel comfortable because, the last thing you need it’s your feet starting to hurt due to some improper shoes. So, having in mind of course the rest of your outfit, you can wear flats, casual shoes or loafers and even some sport shoes.

Next, I recommend you a pair of jeans because they are extremely versatile and comfortable. If you want to be very chic, I suggest you a pair of skinny jeans.
A simple T-shirt, in one color, will give you the freedom of choosing the rest of your outfit, meaning that the T-shirt can be then matched with a sweater or a jacket. The jacket can be long enough to barely touch your waist and could be a leather one.

If you don’t want a leather jacket, you can choose a hoodie. I personally like them a lot and I consider them to be extremely comfortable and for a casual outfit they are just perfect. Actually, the choice is yours because it depends on the weather also.
If you are the romantic type and don’t want an excessive sport outfit then a cardigan can fit very well.
When you decide your outfit for taking a walk please keep in mind the following: it’s a moment of total relaxation, you’re not at job or at picnic so your clothes should be comfortable and… relaxed.

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