How should I dress at 20-23 years old?

My dear friends, today we will talk about how we should dress at the wonderful age of 20-23 years old. But, maybe you are wandering why I choose the age of 20-23? Well, that’s because it’s the most wonderful period of life when you don’t have obligations and responsibilities. After the age of 24-25, a lot of us are on own on, maybe married, some even with children.

So, how should you dress at that age? First of all, we have to see what character, what personality you have. And probably more important, what do you want to be, what your aspirations are. Maybe you are a nerd, the first in your class and you wish you were bold and adventurous so you thought you should start with your outfit. Furthermore I have to mention that I will refer to your outfit in general, not in particular, I will refer to the general trend of a young girl of 20-23 years old.

a) If you are a serious girl and wish to transmit further on the same message, your mission is simple. Always choose minimalist outfits, serious, without anything extravagant. Therefore I believe a pair of jeans is always suitable.

OK, so if we establish that jeans are a must-have, let’s see what else will work for this kind of outfit. A white elegant shirt or a simple T-shirt in one color will go very well with a pair of jeans. This outfit can be completed with a cardigan and as footwear you can use a pair of flats or another comfortable shoes
b) If you are a romantic kind of girl then, at this beautiful age you will fall in love many times, but this isn’t necessarily bad, if you don’t get hurt, of course. Anyway, coming back to the way you should dress, your sensibility should be reflected in your outfit. Therefore, I believe that, if the weather allows you, a fluffy dress and a pair of shoes with a low heel will make you look like a princess. And if it’s sunny outside, then a sunhat will complete your outfit just fine.

c) If you are a bold and hot girl then I sincerely tell you that your main concern it’s don’t be ridicule or vulgar. Your options are so many and I’m thinking about short skirts, T-shirts with a generous cleavage or a “V shape” T-shirt will help you a lot if you are short and high heels, mandatory.

Of course, not only those, but much more decent and chic outfits are available for you. There are also a lot of outfits which will draw the attention to your body and attitude like: skinny jeans but matched right or dresses but try to be creative keeping in mind that anything is forbidden as long as you don’t become ridicule.
What I’ve presented above are just some ideas, actually, your style is within you and all you have to do is to have the right attitude, to be true with yourself. Don’t forget what Carolina Herrera said: even a simple white T-shirt, correctly matched can transform an outfit into a better one.

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