Even when you don’t work directly with clients, it is important what you are wearing when you are at the office. You have to be decent, to look professional and it would be best if you can stick with the latest trends at the same time.
Here are some tips:
– Avoid trousers with a very low waist line. Indeed, for sure they are not proper for an office environment.
– Always use the so-called “third piece”. Over the shirt or dress, a cardigan or a blazer is often recommended.
– Avoid animal prints because it is totally wrong to wear such a print at the office.
– Too many accessories should also be avoided. You can wear accessories at the office, of course, but they should be carefully chosen and you should not exaggerate with their number, color and size.
– Don’t wear deep cleavages or too short skirts. Obviously, as your company’s dress code already states, very short skirts, deep cleavage and too tight clothes are not recommended.

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