The most versatile and comfortable piece, a must have of the moment, denim shirts allows you to make the coolest combinations with the smallest investment. Especially when we talk about glam pieces, sparkles, taffeta, lace or other precious materials difficult to wear.

No matter we talk about skinny jeans or wavy, jacket and vests, dresses and skirts … we are no longer been restricted when we are talking about denims combinations. Denim shirts are truly amazing and allows you tons of it.

If you feel uncomfortably overwhelmed by the bottles or coats of denim that I have surprised in the fashion of the streets, you will appreciate this transition from all denim to denim on denim!

If the denim trend seems to be a terrifying manifestation of the convenience of the smile in which even the most stylish girls have sunk, find out that the denim shirt is able to embrace and elegance for your sake.

Denim shirts “makes the good home” with the pants, while respecting both the classic model of the 70s and the modern variations that end above the ankle. If you have not reached the “culottes moment”, you can wear them in 2017-2018: choose some of the leather and join a plain, flat jeans shirt. Bindings are required!

If you prefer the cool Urbanism of the French nonchalant, opt for a jeans shirt, white pants and a pair of comfortable shoes. The streets of the city will have no secret for you!
Every Fashionista looking for innovative ways to be applauded for her creativity. If any girl succeeds in matching a jeans shirt and a pair of pants or a skirt, only a fashion master will look fabulous dressing this item over a dress or as such!

“Steal” your lover’s jeans, shirt and dress it over your most glamorous outfit, whether it’s a pair of shorts and an elegant top or a flowered dress. You will look so cute!

The jeans with head to toe wear is in fashion from autumn. The denim shirt, the midi skirt is complemented by heel shoes and handbag. I chose the red escarps, because I like the contrast between the jeans indigo and the pure red. And the nude bag is the equilibrium version of the outfit.

I could not leave the trouser-skirt off. So I searched for an urban, youthful office outfit. You can wear your denim shirt in your office and in a bold version!
We chose a preschallenge jeans, shirt, we chose midi culottes, to which we have tossed slingbacks and a baggy jacket as little as possible. It’s a neutral mix, but every piece of clothing stands out: and the shirt, and the skirt-pants and the tote bag and the nude sandals.

Androgynous attitude. A refined outfit. An almost classical office outfit. Why almost classic? Because I played with textures and color tones.
It’s a two-color outfit, both neutral. But so strong! The gray, jeans and striped trousers, all gray, but anthracite, are complemented by brown accessories. Shoes with thick hemlock in tone milk, coffee and brown cognac handbag help gray to stand out.

You can wear your denim shirt in your office and in a feminine style. Especially if you are choosing a camouflage shirt with the bottom of your neck. Though you said that such a shirt needs good additions, we have chosen bold clothes and accessories.
I chose a conical skirt with a high waist. What’s more, I chose a skirt with a spoon print! Which I thought was very good with the shirt in the skirt. And with stiletto blacks, later turned a black, classical handbag.

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