Even if today shoes are available in the market with latest technology and all the special qualities that every producer claims that it brings, choosing the right shoes can be a difficult task. How we choose running shoes? It’s one of the questions they receive increasingly more often, a sign that many are interested in Talk to your subject. Make the decision to invest in a good pair of running shoes. This is by far the most important advice I can offer a novice runner and, believe it or not, is just as important for a beginner to an experienced runner. As a beginner, you need the best protection you can offer a pair of shoes. Only a pair of good shoes can give enough shock absorption, motion control, flexibility and durability.

Choosing running shoes is not a fad but a decision that often makes the difference between a run beneficial for your body and one that will affect your health.

Running is a complex biomechanical process involving several muscle groups. Therefore footwear is very important especially for comfort and safety of your body. One of the criteria that need to be taken into account is the pronation, if the movement of rotation that describes your soles when running.

Your weight and time when running are important details. If you are a beginner runner most likely you will need support from slippers. Do not laugh! Their design is such as to absorb as much of the shock that your joints and musculature still can not do it.
For medium distances (~ 10-15km) about your foot anatomy any appropriate model is suitable, but if we are talking marathon or ultra marathon distances, things change. You’ll need special models built to be lightweight with minimal support.

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Do not forget:
– It is advisable to have two pairs of running shoes, one for training and one for which you prepare for the race. It would be good if both are from the same company and be the same model.
– Never wore a new pair of shoes during a competition.
– Try to develop a good running technique.

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