Napoleon Bonaparte once said that “a beautiful woman is a jewel herself, but a good woman is a while treasure”. True as it is, we can’t ignore the fact that jewelry makes us prettier. This is why I decided it’s time we talk about necklaces.

There is said that there are two types of women: summer ones and winter ones. Summer ones are characterized by warm colors and winter ones by cold colors like dark hair and white skin. My opinion is that things are more complex than that, but, going on this idea you can make a general rule saying that summer ladies should wear golden jewelry and the winter ones should wear silver. Of course make-up continues this separation and recommends warm colors like yellow, gold, orange and red for summer faces and cold colors like blue, aqua, violet, fuchsia for winter ones.
Coming back to necklaces, I must tell you that this piece of jewelry is pretty old, dating back to Stone Age, around 400 000 years ago. Of course that at first they were made up by purely natural materials like bones, feathers, shells, colorful seeds, corals and wood, but later, when cloth working evolved, they became more durable and elaborate.
Since metal working was discovered, jewelry started to shine and not just literally: bronze, copper, silver, gold, platinum, plus gem cutting made necklaces as beautiful as we know today. Speaking of today, modern era brought the technology to melt metals impossible to be melting in the past and so stainless steel and titanium appeared. All the new technology transformed jewelry into a fine detailed artwork so necklaces had nothing but to win.
Jewelry draws attention to the part of your body where they are worn, so necklaces will draw attention to your cleavage as earrings do to your face and bracelets to your hands. there are two rules when coming to your breasts dimensions and necklaces:
– if you have big breasts don’t wear necklaces with small pendants which can loose between them, but long necklaces that barely reach out your breasts
– if you have small breasts try some necklaces around the neck and combine them with a round cleavage which will look better on you

Speaking about colors, necklaces most common use metals like gold or silver, so we are going to talk about them first. We all know that silver is white and we are thinking about gold to be yellow, but there is a white gold which started to be even more loved by women. White gold it’s used more by young women because it’s less demanding when coming to matching with the clothes and also with other accessories. Young women prefer the silver color but the glowing that gold has, so their choice towards white gold is predictable.
When wearing silver or white gold, your clothes is good to have bright colors like pink, yellow, grey, turquoise, cream-colored, but avoid wearing orange. On the other hand, if you plan to wear yellow gold, then orange is perfect, right after brown, black and dark red. Of course that if you have pendants you should be careful mostly to match their color with the rest of your outfit but if you could match both, the pendant and the metal’s color with your clothes it would be really perfect.

There are some suggestions when coming to necklaces and clothes:

1. a thin, delicate necklace goes with a medium cleavage and if it’s a long necklace then a fluid dress, an easy blouse with a V shape cleavage will be perfect
2. a choker will fit a sober outfit and draw a little attention to your breasts, but avoid models too tight up to your neck because they aren’t in trends this spring
3. pendants are a good choice if they come down only to barely reach out your breasts
4. if you choose a long necklace with a pendant, then a square cleavage will be suited
5. when wearing a neck sweater you can use a string of beads no matter of their length
6. an open collar is suited for a necklace with big rocks
7. colored beads are perfect for sober clothes since they tend to cheer them up, while acting more casual when associated with fluid fabrics like cotton or more easy outfits like knitted blouses
8. never wear wood necklaces with clothes with heavy prints since they won’t be visible at all
9. ethnic necklace from heavy metals and unpolished rock are going real fine with clothes in natural colors like white, brown and beige, while having simple cuts

In the end, I found useful to share with you three tips of mine to keep my necklaces shiny:

– don’t wear them all the time, get then off after work
– keep them into a dry and hermetic place, separate from other jewels so they won’t scratch each other
– clean them on a regular basis

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