How and where women wear the watch

The watch is undoubtedly one of the most important accessories that you can wear a woman. Although initiate a simple tool to “read” the time, the clock has become a true high-tech jewel, besides having many sophisticated features and an important aesthetic role. Like any self-respecting fashion-item, the clock must be “set” depending on the season.

Where do you wear the watch?
The watch is an accessory that can be worn in any context and for any occasion. Of course with small variations and exceptions. The secret is to pick out a watch trend effect that perfectly complements your outfit. Regardless of the time of day and situation, output girlfriends for a business meeting, this piece is made and getting noticed. What time? It’s time to tune outfits.

What you wear and how you combine it with the rest of your outfit?

Hand watches, should be matched with  shoes, belt and bag, so you have to make so that when you purchase a watch to think about what you can match it, just as you do when will search for pieces of clothing, shoes, bags and accessories.

For women, this year should not bypass the gold watches that can be easily matched with different outfits, without being forced to go with bags. These usually are large quadrant, near which can be worn as bracelets as either leather or crystal, but never wear a gold watch with silver bracelets. Opt for colorful bracelets of all kinds of materials, which will have a guaranteed impact.

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