Normcore is a relative new fashion style, a style that promotes normality. Its adepts encourage the idea of regular dressing, without drawing the attention in a flashy way.
Many people have recently adopted a relaxed style and very… normal.

2015-2016 normcore

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normcore 2015-2016
Normcore is, if you would like, a reaction to the hurricane called “fashion” which conquered the minds of all teenagers from all over the world. A T-shirt and a pair of jeans, dress normally, dress only for you, these are the norms of this fashion trend. And yes, it is true, especially the last part, it is best to dress in a way that you will enjoy it.
Visually, the Normcore resembles normality if we can say it this way. Another aspect is that this style will greatly individualize you. Well yes, dress normal, dress for your own pleasure, be yourself and don’t act like everybody else who is obstinately wearing a specific piece of clothing.
Some specialists identify the Normcore to be a direction moreover a trend. This is for sure NOT an anti-fashion trend, it is not about rebelling. It is about creating a more streamlined, a more basic wardrobe using mainstream market clothing.

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