Sport blazer is a casual garment that comes around the nineteenth century, when men wore it in sports such as hunting and golf, to contrast blazer, found in colorful fabrics and also printed fabric, can be made of thicker materials for fall-winter or thinner for spring-summer.

The way to make a jacket to have a 100% casual look is to wear sleeves rolled up. We refer here particularly to the different sports jackets for those that already have their casual side, some being manufactured directly sleeves rolled up. But we must grant little attention and the material of the jacket manufactured and how they roll up, to not wrinkle too much material, that can no longer return to normal form and then siphoning off the trail to stay forever.

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Sports jacket and jeans make up an outfit that rarely fail. Therefore, many men opt for this option in many occasions. Thus obtain a simple and relaxed look that captures the eye immediately reprezentatelor fair sex.

However, there are some recommendations about the right choices when it comes to sport jacket and jeans that can be associated smoothly. Business Insider has made a small guide that it would be better to consult before you leave the house.

First, remember that the jeans who choose to integers such outfit should not look worn or used. When will you look, people need to realize first that those pants are not for work or hiking in the mountains.

Regarding the characteristics of these jeans, they do not have to be skinny, especially below the knee, and have the advantage that aspect not seem like a simple piece of material.

The color would be the most suitable closed, such as indigo site. And shades of gray are good choices, and men concerned about trends in fashion can opt for something more daring colors.

Length is also important, pants should end just above the tip of the shoe when you stand straight.

Other important details, but not mandatory, is contrast stitching. They must come in relief, for example yellow or orange with dark jeans.

Jeans worn by hundreds of times, show times as cool with time, not what you look for in such a combination. What you are looking for a jacket to fit perfectly sober are those “dressy jeans.” I mean, jeans that fits perfectly on the legs, back and abdomen. Not necessarily skinny jeans but never rapper. What outfit combo to wear with jeans and blazer? Almost whatever makes you feel comfortable. From a single or a turtleneck shirt and a pair of sneakers for an exit in the club, to a fine-print shirt (stripes, plaid) and sport a tie for a meeting with business partners close.

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