General style rules

Do you have a personal style? You don’t? Really? Even if you are saying that you don’t, I’m telling you it’s not possible since you have one but you don’t realize it. Review a little your wardrobe and notice what type of clothes you have the most. That’s your personal style. Now that you know your personal style it’s time to check if you’re respecting the 5 golden rules in order to have a chic and correct style:
1. Don’t be stingy on cash when it’s about quality things
2. Always change something in your clothes in order to bring something new and make your wardrobe interesting. Of course you don’t have to exaggerate and change something very good in your outfits.
3. Invest in classic things since you will be able to wear them more
4. Don’t throw out in investing too much on the passing trends since they will be just wasted money
5. Buy clothes that fit you perfectly. Forget about the general habit of “if I’ll buy a smaller size it will determine me to lose some weight”, we all know it doesn’t work and you’ll just end up looking ridiculous in a smaller size clothes.

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