History of the bra

The history of this important feminine accessory starts more than 100 years ago, around the 1900.
The first person who created something which looks like a bra was French woman Herminie Cadolle, who designed the mother of today’s bra, called at that time: “soutien-gorge”.
At first, the bra wasn’t even close as stylish and aesthetic as it is today. And this was because it actually had the purpose of hiding the woman’s body, the opposite as today’s role you might say.
The bra is nowadays a great accessory designed to fit all silhouettes no matter if they are thin, chubby or with shapes like the ones in the Victoria Secret’s catalog.

wire free bra 2014

Why the bra is important

Do you know how important the bra is? Well, yes, be very careful how you choose it because it is very important actually.

womens free bra 2014

If you have the impression that the bra is just a piece of clothing which can only be worn under the clothes then you are wrong. It can be seen under some types of shirts and much more important, if it isn’t well chosen it can affect your health.
A good quality bra has to:
– don’t squeeze your skin
– don’t let red stripes on your shoulders or any part of your skin
– don’t make you feel uncomfortable in any way
– lift and sustain with delicacy your chest
– don’t modify the shape of your chest

If you’d ask me, having in mind all the aspects above, the most appropriate bra will be the wire free one, especially if you want to take the healthiest choice. And what is also important is that, if you have a little creativity, you can make this bra to look as hot as the other types of bra.

Below there are some nice models of wire free bras:

ladie free wire bra

women free wire bra 2014

2014 free wire bras

2014-2015 free wire bra

Tips for your perfect bra
– Avoid wired bras because they can affect your health
– Buy the appropriate size for you and make sure it really fits you
– Hand wash your bra because you will damage its shape otherwise
– Don’t crinkle your bra and carefully place it within your closet in order to maintain its shape

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