This type of jeans, reminiscent of the hippie years are extremely permissive and favors almost any figure.

Favors silhouette, easy to match, and the combination are so versatile: sexy, stylish, office, sports or chic!
Jeans are a spectacular piece enough to obtain fabulous combinations. You can wear them with a simple sweater or T-shirt and simple enough to attract attention.
Wearing a pair of jeans with a black top and a pair of boots with platform will be sometimes more than enough.

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Flared jeans do not have to be always as a part of a 70’s look. You can wear in modern combinations especially if you opt for a pair of prints that you add a blazer with a minimalist design that you will close at the waist with a belt the same color pants.
And when it comes to authentic mention, firstly the cut. Of course, you do not have to resort to something so illustrative style caftan army as an officer or a military jacket. Not. A pair of high-waisted flared fitted with two rows of metal buttons will have the same effect in a more stylish & cool.
The combination is extremely simple: flared jeans, fur coat and sunglasses. To avoid a suit too faithful to that period can opt for stiletto-heeled sandals instead of platforms.

If you’re not a master of walking on heels, platforms are your salvation.

The great advantage of flared jeans: wear it with heels and your legs will look longer. But regardless of what you choose to wear jeans, combine articles which can gives you personality.
Winning combinations for flared jeans:

1. The combination of the ’70s: light colored flared jeans, high waist, shirt and a jacket bold white male (colored with extravagant cut);

2. Monochrome combo: flared jeans and shirt in the same color palette, which can add a sophisticated accent – for example, a fur collar.

3. Stripes: flared jeans light colored, striped blouse, a jacket camel hair and a chic hat.

4. All back: flared jeans, black or dark blue blouse and black jacket.

Combine them with a fur vest, surely it is the combination that will attract many eyes on you. Choose a model of dark jeans that mold perfectly to your forms and combine them with a synthetic fur vest. Put your waist strap thin metal and a bracelet on hand wide.
Combine them with a molded sleeve blouse flared. It is this combination which favor anyone. Combine your jeans with a turtleneck / blouse molded that have flared sleeves. The effect that this combination creates smaller thighs and legs longer. In addition, flared sleeves transform your outfit simple enough into a more chic.
Although jeans themselves are associated with a casual look, if you combine a blouse elegant, feminine, you can get a sophisticated look. Leave a bit of skin in sight and accessorize yourself with a necklace. Gate hair left loose on the back and you will look chic without trying too hard to be yourself.
toward trying to integrate flared jeans in a minimalist outfit, if you’re a fan of clothes with simple lines and geometric tailoring. Add in top form A and you’ll look like the models in Blow Up, Antonioni’s film. Also, because this look is complete, male wearing a pair of shoes, the Oxford is very suitable. For air as airy, fresh, get to grips with accessories, but if you really want to wear them, go to the option of massive, uni colors.
Flared jeans are inspired fashion 70s when current hippie was in vogue. Janis Joplin or Jimi Hendrix are just some of the singers who wore this style of pants. “Steal” elements from trends that period, to which you can add romantic details. Choose to wear blouses, lace, floral kimonos or ponchos for a more bohemian air. Add a wide-brimmed hat and a pair of platforms to achieve 100% inspired 70s outfit.
Denim is in vogue this year, and combinations of jeans and shirt look great. Opt for a denim shirt over your jeans to match it flared and you get a look inspired by country style. Do not forget platforms. Also for air as the original, go on or mixes leather accessories in shades of brown.
Add a shirt or a blouse wide hooks and immediately get a casual look. At this outfit you can wear platforms that will long legs. Also, for cooler days you can opt for a denim jacket, a cardigan or a sweater.

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