Age from very young (sometimes immediately after baptism) women wear earrings.

The earrings have appeared many thousands of years ago. The oldest mummy in Europe – Otzi – Iceman over 5000 years old, has one ear pierced a sign that wore an earring. So here is how old is the history of this accessory. They originated in the East and the Roman Empire.

Earrings later gained an aesthetic function, initially had protective function against magic (magical protection). Were considered to have magical attributes great importance. Earrings provides protection by their shape by materials were made.

Also, on the other hand is believed that had the power to amplify certain characteristics magic. It’s clear audition phenomenon. This was the ability to get on the path auzilui, information from which man normally would not have access. For example, the ability to hear a conversation between two people in another place hundreds of miles away.

Ladies wear earrings since their childhood. These jewels are very important for women, they can be worn all day long or in special occasion. They define a lady’s outfit as no other gem can do. If we make a general classification I see it including 3 main categories:
– Modern earrings
– Classic earrings
– Very long earrings

Modern earrings are in turn divided into three categories: brightly colored earrings,earrings with decorative stone and ultra modern earring.

Flamboyant earrings are very trendy, very common on the catwalks, and this effect among ladies often prefer them. Greatly help your outfit and gets you out from the crowd for sure.

Earrings with decorative stones are characterized by some as just a taste spectacular but doubtful. But if they are assorted inspiration can bring significant added value to your image.

Modern earrings covering a wide range of models and I have to center on the very large and huge stones, not to mention the ones that apply to one ear.

Classic earringsare the known, common understanding of the world, decent, which they can wear them to work, to school, shopping, and a fancy party.

Very long earrings – can be simple or complex. Can be formed from a single chain or several may be matching in general elegant outfits.

These categories are a general classification. Basically when you think to choose a pair of earrings, think about where you will wear and be matched with your face shape.

– If you have a square face, you should think long earrings to elongate your face a little

– If your face is oblong then you must orient to some little one.

– If your face is like a triangle then a large oval earrings are so great.

– If your face is round, then small earrings are perfect, avoid long and thin earrings.

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